Artofil nominated for Senzer Award

Entrepreneurship requires anticipation. Specially concerning the job market, employment opportunities and human resources. Artofil is nominated for the ‘Senzer Award 2017’, an award for companies that approach employment opportunities in a innovative and distinctive way.

From the jury report:
It shows Artofil is a company with a social basis. The essence of employment is essential while the company operates through high tech innovative machinery. Artofil provides people opportunities, also people with a certain distance to the employment market.

Artofil shows that with the right attitude and accompaniment people can grow and add value to the company. The Artofil staff contains a diversity of people, being social pays off. People like to work at Artofil and little people leave. The people working at Artofil for the Senzer project are connected and part of the family. They feel free and open up to others. In the near future Arofil wants to employ more people who have restrictions to the employment market and strives to 15% of the total staff.

Peter van den Hoven, managing Director: “When you look at people in a positive way, the world is getting more beautiful en better. Respect each other and offer sincere opportunities. I can not make the whole world more social but we can make our company more social.

The Senzer Award will be presented at the ‘Day of the Entrepreneur” november 17 in Helmond – the Netherlands.  For more information visit (in dutch!)

Photo: Peter van den Hoven of Artofil receives the nomination from Meta Visser of Senzer.