Water blocking coating for Fiber Optic Cable: Blockcoat®

Unique water blocking coating

Blockcoat provides optical fibers or ribbons with a dry water blocking functionality in cable tubes without the need for gels or yarn. It is especially suited as a dry-dry solution for micro cables, loose tubes and high density cable designs used in outdoor and outdoor/indoor environments to meet European CPR regulations.

Blockcoat: the concept

In contact with water, Blockcoat will swell upto 200 times its’ dry volume into a hydrogel similar to a super absorber. Applied directly on optical fiber, your fibers in a cable tube will stop water penetration without the need for gels or yarn. Blockcoat is provided as a liquid coating to coat a colored optical fiber and is cured using an UV optical fiber coloring line. This results in an optical fiber with the transparent super absorbing polymer Blockcoat on top of your color layer. Typical layer thickness is 4 to 6 micrometer and the fiber color stays clearly visible under the transparent Blockcoat as pictured. Optical fibers with Blockcoat can be further processed into an extrusion line to obtain dry water blocking tubes without using gels or yarns. Low friction fibers with Blockcoat process well during extrusion.

Benefits for network owners

  • Dry solution, lower installation costs
  • Dry solution, faster deployment as lessinstallation time is needed
  • Smaller dry-dry cable designs possible

Purpose benefits for installers

  • No gels, no wiping, easy handling
  • Stripping the optical fiber is the same as without Blockcoat

Benefits for cable production

  • Cable tube extrusion without gel or yarn; excellent processing
  • No yarn breaks: lower scrap
  • Use your existing UV coloring line; no capital investment needed
  • Handling of optical fibers is the same with or without Blockcoat

Download our Blockcoat productsheet