Power Cable

Water blocking yarn expert

Power cable manufacturers across the globe choose Artofil swellable yarn to water block all cable types in both fresh and saltwater. Serving cable manufacturers for many years, Artofil has become the water blocking yarn expert. Our waterblocking yarn is a mature and well-accepted technology to prevent low, medium and (extra) high AC & DC voltage cables from moisture ingress and water penetration in the most cost effective way.

Water swellable yarn of highest quality

Artofil waterswellable yarn meets the highest standards and requirements in the industry and has been tested in numerous cable designs according (inter)national and private standards such as IEC, IEEE, BS, UL, ANSI/ICEA, and many others.

Saltwater blocking yarn

Artofil Yarn is qualified to be used in both land cables and subsea cables and qualified in severe salt water conditions. Offering the widest range of waterblocking and swellable yarn in the market we are a one-stop shop for our customers.

Best water blocking yarn properties

  • Proven long-term stability, exceeding the regular cable life-span specified today
  • Excellent salt water blocking yarn
  • Unique gel strength
  • High service temperature
  • Clean, particle- and dust free, no lumps
  • High yield ratio

Most cost effective solution to water block cables

Artofil swellable yarn offers the most cost effective water blocking of cables in both fresh and saltwater.

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