Water blocking yarn for Fiber Optic Cable

Artofil water blocking yarn meet the highest standards and requirements in the industry and have been tested in numerous cable designs according to international standards such as IEC and GR20 and private standards. Artofil water swellable yarn is used to water block cables in fresh water but also in saltwater for subsea applications.

Water swellable yarn

Our waterswellable threads are ranging from 286dtex to 2.150dtex. Swellable flat coated multifilaments are ranging from 667dtex to 5.500dtex.

Water blocking coated yarn

Artofil’s water blocking coated multifilaments are particle free and offer outstanding water blocking capabilities with high strength which makes them the excellent choice in optical and fine dry cable designs. Our water swellable yarn is most cost effective to water block cables and has excellent properties:

  • Unique water absorption capacity per length
  • Good performance in saline-based fluids
  • Flame retardant
  • Clean, particle free and no dust, no lumps
  • Low shrinkage

Water swellable thread

Artofil’s water blocking threads combine high yield and high water absorption. Our swellable threads are mostly applied in loose tubes as fillers or tube thread. Properties:

  • Excellent water absorption capabilities
  • Best performance in salt water
  • Unique gel strength
  • Clean, no lumps
  • Splice less
  • Proven long-term stability
  • High yield ratio

Most cost effective solution to water block cables

Artofil yarn is tailor made to cable design and is most cost effective to water block cables. Constantly developing new technologies, Artofil has several patents on water blocking yarn.

Download our Leaflet – Artofil Yarn for Water blocking Tube Tread