Aviation and Commercial Carpet yarn

Hybrid yarn for warp and weft

Hybrid glass yarn for carpet weavers used as warp and weft yarn in aviation and commercial carpets. A core of glass and a sheath of staple fibers provides a combination of properties:

  • Very low shrinkage (< 0.3%)
  • Very low elongation (2.5-4.5 %)
  • Flame retardant
  • High strength (> 90 Newton)
  • Twisted yarn and single yarn (typical single yarn count Tex 167—Tex 392)
  • Color: Tailor made with standard colors grey, dark grey, black and beige
  • Yarn delivered on beames and cones

Flame retardant yarn

Artofil Yarn is tailor made to fit customer requirements and complies with the high international standards of the aviation industry and commercial building interiors on flame retardancy.

Low shrinkage yarn

Artofil yarn guarantees a very low shrinkage (norm: <0.5% carpet shrinkage / boiling water test) and due to it high strength enables efficient weaving with a minimum of stops. We can supply yarn both on beams and cones.

For more information please download our leaflet:
Artofil yarn for Aviation and Commercial carpet