High temperature yarn

Manufacturers of flame retardant, heat resistant fabrics and compression packings, choose Artofil yarn because of its high quality products, reliability of supply and support in product development.

Aramid yarn

Artofil yarn is tailor made to fit technical requirements of the customer. We manufacture on specification but also support customers to improve product properties or develop new products.

Dref Yarn

The knowhow and capability of Artofil to develop and manufacture dref yarn offers limitless possibilities to combine fibers and filaments to engineer yarn that meets customer specific demands.

Hybrid yarn

Hybrid yarn constructions with blends of Para and Meta aramide fibers with glass and other thermal stable fibre and filaments, are co-developed/engineered with the customer for technical textiles/fabrics.

With all the different Dref technologies in operation, Artofil has a unique position and can offer the widest possible range of dref spun yarn and friction spun yarn.